Catching Up 2

October 17, we all went out to Bolero in Calgary to celebrate Heather & Jeff's new adventure. Servers went from table to table with freshly cooked meat from the spit. At the table, they cut away until you said 'when'. Yum-my!
This was the Kloschinsky's first visit to this restaurant and it was right up their taste alley! Lots of tasty beef, prok, chicken done in a multitude ways.
Notice that fork is only beef, no sign of a green veggie anywhere!
More protein, rare and medium rare. I eat well done beef and our server picked up on this.
John went out of his way to get my a sampler plate of all that yummy goodness, cooked just right...all mine and I didn't share! No apologizes!

It was a great dinner together! Thanks for the memories. Now to figure out where and when we can all get together in BC as a family. Heather...find a sitter for JR as well as JT & AJ!!!


Lesley said...

Aaron's wondering why there's more pictures of me and not him, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

We have a place like that here too, they have a lot of classic meats as well as exotic like oostrich and buffalo etc, its a great place, especially for the guys because they have traditional dancers for entartainment and they ware traditionally skimpy cloths!