What??? Another road trip?

Yup folks, we are back behind the steering wheel. Off to help Heather & Jeff pack up and load the moving van for their next chapter...BC style.

The plan is Joe drives the moving truck, I'm driving with Heather & Jonathan in Heather's buzz bomb. Jeff and his Mom are driving her car west and Jeff's Dad will drive Jeff's van with all the electronic equipment...guys and their TV's, stereo, drums, computers etc!!!! Jeff's buddy is driving the sportscar a few days earlier.

Helpful hint....when you move, don't have wayyyyyy more vehicles than drivers in the family! lol

Joe & I are hoping to unload, catch a few zzzz's before driving the moving truck back, picking up our truck and then heading home...Joe works Monday.....Why the return trip with the rental...well at $0.08/km, it's the best deal around!

Stay tuned for updates post the moving adventure. Hope it's nothing like Richard Pryor's movie Moving released in 1988.

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Tootsie said...

happy trip to you all!!! Moving to a new home is always hectic and exciting!!! new place to decorate...oh what fun!