Date with JR

We travelled south Tuesday night and started our adventure with JR first thing Wednesday morning. The weather wasn't looking very nice for a day at the zoo so we headed to the big mall with the Bass Pro Shop and had a great time looking at the mounted animals.

JR is a very smart boy...he knew the difference and wasn't going to be put off the zoo. He listed off all the animals he wanted to see...tigers, lions, giraffes, zebra, monkey, ostrich and of zoo trip is complete without seeing some woodpeckers! So after lunch we bundled up and went to the zoo.

JR was disappointed that the prehistoric display was not available. They are working on making it bigger and better for the upcoming year. We spent as much time as we dared outside while the snow fell, ducking into the buildings to warm up and check out those displays. Try as we may we did not see any woodpeckers but JR says he heard them!

Papa & JR checking out the deer.

This fella came up to the window and followed JR as we moved along the window.

Papa & I were quite impressed with JR - he's a smart child, with an extensive vocabulary. He knows all the names of the animals, he knew what he likes and dislikes. He's polite and well mannered. We had an awesome time...just wished it was warmer for more photos...frozen fingers syndrome!

After supper, our card group got into the holiday spirit with a mass 10 card workshop. Some were more finicky than others. I didn't put in enough beads etc into my shaker Santa but I know the technique. A few were simple but very do you pick just one as a favorite??? I can't, so I'm making something entirely different!

We are back south this Sunday for Thanksgiving Monday with the family. Plans are to take the corn maze challenge before dinner. With the 3 grandboys, I'm sure there will be lots of laughter and giggles as we get lost and try to find our way out!



Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

theres my little monkey...he spend about an hour last night pretending to be all the animals he saw at the fave was the turtle...he was on his hands and knees crawling around so slowly...and ask3ed us to pet the turtle...and then he would jump up and be a monkey, and the hippo and then wriggle on his tummy and become a paterkiller (caterpiller)...while we were trying to watch survivor...oh well, hes more fun to watch than that Jeff guy on TV anyways! see you in a few days! maybe you can pet the turtle!

mumzy said...

That JR is one sweet looking child and if we believe Gramma, he is a very smart child also. You are to be given credit for braving the snow and cold to go to the zoo. He certainly seems to be enjoying it.