October 4 2009

Well, it's on its way, closer than I would want it to be so early into fall...but the satellite & radar maps confirm my suspicions.

While I dug out the remaining carrots...and nice ones I must say...Joe installed his new tonneau cover. Then, after losing the battle with the cold and fingers unused to this weather, we lit the fire pit ! Now while we prepped the yard, we could just go over and warm our fingers, noses and toes and all things in between.

So, now the work is done, we aren't exactly clean, yet we aren't ready to go inside...so why waste a good fire! Oops...gotta run, Joe is coming with a big glass of liquid refreshments and his chair is awaiting a cozy fireside chat. If you're in the area, stop by we can pull out another chair just for you!


Tootsie said...

this might be the last of the casual camp fire gatherings for you guys!!! enjoy it!
Me? I am bathing kids...and getting them ready for school in the morning!

Lesley said...

Romy and Dad look good together :o)

Glad she's FINALLY adjusting - IOU a box of bandaids :o(

mumzy said...

Hate to see all that cold weather come our way. So far, we are still pretty good - 11C was about the coldest daytime temperature so far.

Looks like you are having a nice campfire along with comfortable chairs too.

Have a great day!