Gone and never Forgotten

It is only fitting to include a beautiful autumn scape as I look back and remember 2 very special people in the Johnston MacAulay family.
We lost Joe's Dad Arthur Edgar MacAulay on November 3, 2003. We had traveled east that summer to visit with Art and Norma, share a few laughs knowing it was a goodbye.visit. Joe was just crossing the Atlantic home from Bosnia when I got the call from Paul. Of all the times I've met Joe at an airport, this was the saddest...to have to tell him his father was gone.

Throughout our cross Canada tours with the military, we were always happy to be near by so we could visit with Art, Norma and dear Jennifer. The visits weren't often or long, but we cherished each and every get together. This photo tribute is from one of Art's happiest days, the day Jennifer wed Paul. He was the beaming Father of the Bride.

November 4, 1999 was the day we lost my mother Velvia Mae Mills Johnston. I remember the day was grey and overcast, threatening with snow. I was at work when I got the call from my sister Lynn...Mom was gone.

I was numb at first, my mind racing. Joe was away on a military conference and the girls were both living in Calgary. I left a message for Joe and called the girls. I had a few things to wrap up before heading north home to pack, figure out what to do with the cat, load the dog and me into the car. It was about noon or so before I started my solo 7 hour drive to see Dad. I was so proud of the girls, they dashed to see their Papa and help him prepare for the days to come. It didn't hurt that Aaron was already in the business.

As I was driving what seemed to be an endless highway, a beam of sunshine came down and it was as if Mom was watching over me until I arrived safely. Instantly I was at peace and knew things were as they should be. Joe met up with us the next day and the rest is history.

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mumzy said...

What a beautiful way to honour your loved ones!