Home to stay this month...I hope

What seemed like a never ending adventure is now history. Joe & I went and helped Heather & Jeff pack up the last few things in their home last Wednesday. The guys then went and got the moving truck...2 hours early which meant we got a head start on loading. Before we called it quits that night we had almost all the boxes loaded as well as Jeff's motorcycle. Jeff's Dad arrived to help as well as to drive the van to BC the next day.

Thursday was hectic to say the least....pack up the things used the night before and load all the non square things...that was a challenge to say the least. But there was Joe standing on the tail gate saying "Lots of room yet" and we managed to get almost all into the van.

Around 2 pm Thursday, Joe left from the house with the big truck and Jeff drove his Mom in her car. I headed out to pick up Heather & Jonathan at Auntie Lesley's, drop off our truck and we 3 piled into Heather's buzz bomb. We got off to a rocky start...the windshield washer wouldn't work. We took off anyway...silly girls!

As I was driving I was clearing the spatters away until the flakes got heavier and visibility shorter. My eyes were tired, my back stiff and my *ss numb. We caught up to Joe and we stopped in Golden BC for supper and a reassessment. We decided to stop and not chance pushing on. We got a nice motel room and hit the hay early. Jeff and Betty were quite a bit ahead of us and we didn't meet up with them until we got to the house.

Next morning, we checked to see if the washer issue was just a fuse...no such luck. But at least we would be getting daylight to drive in. This would have been fine except it had been snowing most of the early hours. Just as we were getting into a nice rhythm, everyone hits the brakes and we are parked on the highway. They closed it to remove the twisted remnants of a couple of tractor trailers. The roads were a sheet of ice but not undrivable if you took your time.

We got moving again and then the driver side wiper blade came off...bad luck comes in 3's???? What would be next? Heather was sick so I was counting that as the third item. Joe stopped and help put it back on until we could replace it at early lunch. The rest of the trip was uneventful. Heather was checking with either Joe or Jeff when we went around a corner and all the snow disappeared and we were thrown back into fall....leaves on the trees and smoke curling up from the wood stoves in the homes.

We got to the new house with just enough time to have a quick tour, go out and help Joe back the truck in as close as possible to the garage, grab a bite of supper and start the unload. Had that done by 9, early enough for me to jump into the truck with Joe and start the return trip. At Hope we called it quits, we were both tired, sore and quite dirty and needed to sleep. We got an okay room/suite...little living room with TV and a separate bedroom. The kicker...Joe asked if there was a vending machine for some cold pop. The guy apologized and said no but gave Joe 2 ice cold Canadians no charge! Now that made our night complete.

We got back into Calgary and returned the rental 45 minutes early! Grabbed a cab and got over to see Thing 1 & 2 as they rounded the corner for the second loop of trick or treating. Home on Sunday. What a long trip but we did a good job, only 1 thing broke as Joe was opening the tailgate! Heather & Jeff have a beautiful new home with an apartment suite for Jeff's Mom on the main floor. Jonathan has most of his toys...Nannie has a few here she needs to send or take next visit. We wish them many happy years in Mission!

Hope Jonathan is recuperating from his bout of tonsillitis...but he was such a good traveler!

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