Great weekend

Despite unpleasant roads and the accompanying slow downs, closures and news of 1 fatality, we had a wonderful low keyed weekend. 

Friday was JT's 8th birthday and we got to see home briefly before he headed up to bed with Alex.  We were about an hour late in arriving.

Saturday morning started with a jolt...15 minutes to get ready to leave for Alex's tournament.  We slept in and our hosts were so quiet...but we made it!  Alex impressed me to no end with his board breaking skills and also his ability to defend the flag.  We then had a lovely brunch before heading in different directions.  Lesley & I got some craft supplies while Joe started the spaghetti sauce for supper and Aaron pulled the holiday decorations from the top of the garage.

Then we headed back for JT's tournament.  I now know what Kimite is!  Thank goodness for the protective gear!  JT also broke his board but that put him in a tie with 2 others.  So what do you do...a break off!  They pulled out the heavier boards which stump all 3.   So the went back to the original size boards but added a barricade so each had to run up, jump over the barricade and before landing, break the board with one swift kick. Yup...JT was the only one to do it!  :)

We headed home Sunday morning via Camrose.  We stopped in at the Spirit of Christmas craft sale to see friends of mine.  They have some wonderful rustic furniture and the crafts...each had that unique sense of humour that is so Lorraine.   I have a special something on just have to wait for the unveiling.

We walked in the house 5 minutes before kick off and the rest of Sunday is history.  Monday morning, our new frig to figure out where everything will fit.  Tomorrow Jeff comes to visit.  I have quilting after supper....where is the time going?


Lesley said...

Um, that's kumite Nannie...

Alberta said...

I stand corrected!!!!