December 1

Did my weigh in for the challenge.   Not sure if anybody needed to know my weight but it's all part of being honest with myself.  I've been around that weight for almost 8 years now and now it's time to DO something about it!  So I'm uncrossing my legs and getting them moving!

Lesley helped me get the supplies for my Advent I better get moving on that this morning.  I have to figure out my numbers for each tin.  Couldn't find any peel & stick ones. THIS is what it's going to look like.   Thanks for the help Lesley...your Dad can hardly wait for his daily treat!

Tonight Jeff is visiting for a couple of evenings while in town on business.   Hopefully his allergies aren't too upset by Romy's presence.  I have quilting tonight.  I must admit I haven't done anything more on my disappearing 9 patches, which means I have a no brainer for tonight. I did comment on a friend's FB remarks about working on a Nutcracker quilted wall hanging.   I had no sooner hit the send button to say how cute when I noticed she had sent me her pattern!  What a sweetheart.  I may have to pop out for some fusible web later this week.

We got our new frig yesterday and now to figure out the best place for my stuff!  Trying to adjust bins so the ketchup bottle fits in was no easy task yesterday.  There's a beeper that sounds after the doors have been open for a minute and continues to sound every 30 secs!   I hate to think the frig is smarter than the owner!

Hope everyone has a great start to the new month.   I'll post birthdays tomorrow once I check my list!

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