November - a month of opportunities

I wrote that on the blackboard in our kitchen before we left to help Heather and Jeff move to BC. It was there when we returned home November 1, quite fitting I thought. Who would have guessed the turn of events that soon unfolded.

Wednesday Joe got a call from Maria who had just returned from an extended visit to India! Maria had some questions about preparing her resume and one thing led to another...and we had a house guest. It was wonderful to hear about life in India! We compared food prices...fresh produce is so inexpensive over there but then so are the wages. Multi generations reside in the family home and few move away. I did feel for Maria who was not adjusting to our temperatures despite them being well above normal for this time if year. She did appreciate it when I loaned her some of my favorite wool socks and a hoodie to wear in the house.We aren't sure where Maria will pop up next, she is such a free spirit, comfortable traveling into new adventures with her big smile!

This morning we went to the local Remembrance Day parade. What a magnificent picture, seeing those men and women in uniform standing proud in the November sunshine. There were a few tears for those lost and what may have been. Prayers for those serving in harm's way and wishes for a safe return home. Joe looked handsome wearing his UN beret and wearing his medals.

This afternoon we sat around the firepit with our neighbours solving all the problems of the world or so it seemed. They joined us for a lovely Sunday style dinner on a Wednesday. It's hard to think of tomorrow as Thursday! Ahhh and then it's Friday and more company arrives for a fun filled weekend of who know what. JT did call me earlier with his idea...I should pack my clothes and go to his place so we can watch Ghostbusters 2 on Saturday! What an offer! His Mom assures me they will be doing the driving. Hopefully we'll be able to watch the movie here.

Stitching news - the frogs arrived and I haven't quite finished unpicking my mistake. Sigh. Lucky for me I hadn't gone too far when I realized what I had done. C'est la vie!

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mumzy said...

It is always so much fun having visitors in that have been to other parts of the world. As you probably have heard, Fredericton has had nasty people topple and break the cenotaph that was put up for our fallen soldiers. People in Fredericton were very upset and in turn, it was the biggest crowd ever seen for the service this year.

Have a great weekend, looks like you are going to be very busy.