They came, they saw and sew much more!

I prepped the house as best I could for company but...seems Alex's allergies to cats was front and centre. First his skin started to blotch, then the eyes pinked up and when it started into laboured breathing, Mommy had to run to the drugstore for some fast relief. I guess visits when we spend lots of time inside are going to be a challenge.
This was Saturday morning...we let Mommy & Daddy sleep in a bit. Alex watched cartoons while JT played Plants vs Zombies on the laptop. After breakfast and everyone showering and dressing, the guys headed out to the lanes and the girls went off to buy some fabric. While we were shopping, we got the test message that JT just landed a strike! Woo Hoo!
Alex enjoyed checking out Nannie & Auntie Heather's Matryoshkas dolls. One set has 11 pieces, the other 7. Alex came up with a great name for the smallest piece...the bullet!
Lyla loves looking out the window, keeping watch. I felt for Lyla...she was a house mate of Romy for over 10 years, but Friday night everything changed. It was like Romy had forgotten Lyla and the hissing began. This culminated in the cat chasing the dog up the stairs! Funny but not for the dog!

Lesley got most of her sewing project done and they look great. There's a few tidy up things to be done and then she has most of her gifts for friends and dayhome kids DONE! How great is that?

Now I have to get going! Have a great week everyone!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What cute pictures....I have had so little time to do any blog reading and I have missed it...stop by my Christmas blog and leave a comment. The giveaway is a great Christmas CD to add to your collection.

mumzy said...

What cuties you have! JT with a strike! WOW! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.