December 11,2009

Wow, now sure where the time is going but it's gone!  The parcels have gone, the Christmas cards posted, almost all the gifts purchased and today I will finish wrapping them.  We have 1 more shopping trip...going to Mark's Work Wearhouse tomorrow for their fantastic sale.  While we are there, we'll be looking at new workboots/shoes for Joe.  It seems that his feet have also changed since losing weight and getting fitter.

We are hoping to travel south and exchange gifts with Lesley and family.  The plan was to meet at Cross Irons Mills but with temps hovering at -31' we won't be able to leave the dog in the car.  Can't leave her alone that long so....we may just meet at the house.  I'll talk with Lesley today and firm up the plan.  Ig there is a time to stay put and toasty warm, this is the weekend.

Saturday Joe has a potentially unpleasant task to do.   Seems the snowblower's oil was changed through the summer with the wrong weight oil.  It was appropriate for July not not the December deep freeze!  Joe has a plan so it shouldn't be too bad a job.  Joe only discovered the problem when the machine wouldn't start!  It was then that I reminded him that his toy wasn't new, it's 13 years or 14 seasons old!  Shhhh!

Tonight we are going turkey shopping and then touring our town looking for the best decorated home as well as the one that receives our 'Griswold' award.  Our family is always on the lookout for something that comes close to Clark's version of the traditional old fashioned family Christmas.   One year, Heather spotted the winner while riding public transit in Calgary.  According to Jonathan, he has seen lots of preety lights near his new home!  Not sure if JT & Alex have spotted any winners.  They do walk past a house that does EVERY season over the top...and that's not good! lol  But that's just my opinion.  

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend with family & friends!

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mumzy said...

You are right on the deep freeze. We went from +14C to -10 in a day or two. We have had two snow storms in a week also. Arghhh!

It sounds like you have this Christmas thing pretty much under control. I still don't have my tree up. Cathey is not going to be home for Christmas, but my MIL is still planning on being here.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to keep warm.