Records fell this weekend

Overnight Saturday, new low temperatures were recorded at the Edmonton International airport which is ~ 45 minutes south of us.   -46.6'C.  Sunday night it dropped to -41.1'C I can't tell you how cold it was here at the thermometer froze!

Joe & I made a quick trip south to drop off gifts and had lots of time to discuss the cold.  The ice fog was so thick going that we only seen our exit sign as the off ramp appeared...and we were watching for it!  Fuel economy went out the window on the trip there...I think my turbo jets were frozen open...what we would have used in the round trip we used in less than half the trip!  Thank goodness it warmed up to -29'C in the afternoon and the trip home was better.

As we drove, I mentioned that in past years this cold snap would have meant the oil patch was just gearing up for a busy season.  The blackberries would have been working overtime was generators froze up, delivery trucks couldn't get in with their groceries, folks wanted to know they would have a ride out for the holidays and the ever popular...water problems....running out of fresh or worse, overflowing black/gray tanks. Joe smiled as he recalled all the things he isn't worrying about this time around....just keeping our vehicles from becoming Popsicles!  Joe, it's nice to have you all to myself to keep me warm!


mumzy said...

It was on our local news how cold you folks are getting it out west. Please keep those temperatures over there. We have had a -14C one night and I thought that was cold enough. Try to keep warm and take care.

Alberta said...

Thanks Mumzy!