December milestones

Lots of dates of note for me and most of you. 

Madison - Dec 3
Henry - Dec 3
Mitch - Dec 4 
Bradley Dec 6...Happy 21st!!!!
Tamara Dec 7
Jonathan Dec 17 - The big 3 and cute as a button!
Will Dec 21 - 2 and handsome to boot!
Jennifer G - Dec 23 
Jerry - Dec 26 
Alli - Dec 27
Betty E - Dec 27
Meagan - Dec 30

Happy Anniversary to my cousin Richard & Mary celebrating 36 years of wedded bliss on Dec 14.

December has been historically a difficult month for family deaths. You never know when you pick up the phone if it's holiday wishes or another notification.  The only grandfather I ever knew, know affectionately as Uncle Ray passed Dec 14, 1981.  My sister named her daughter in honour of this wonderful man.  My paternal grandmother Nannie Kerr, on Dec 18, 1988.  My dear Dad last last year on Dec 21. Jonathan carries his great grandfather's middle name. My great grandmother, (original owner of my pump organ) known lovingly as Gabby died Dec 25, 1966.  And lastly, I hope favorite grandmother, my Mom's Mom,  we called Nannie...the original...Hattie to others, died on Dec 27, 1984.

Yes we lost my cousin Jamie Judith aka JJ on Dec 20, 2005 as the result of a car accident.  

As sad as this may be, it's nice to have this time of year to remember all these special people who have touched my life and helped make me whom I am.  I just hope there's less of me to love in 2010!


Anne said...

Lots of birthdays this month. I think it may also be Jerry Clouds birthdaym but,not sure if it is on the 24th or 25th.
I think it is great how you can remember all these birthdays each month.

Alberta said...

THANKS ANNE! I checked and have updated my list!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the passing of Jamie, Uncle Stevens daughter just a few years ago, also at Christmas. I remember playing with her each year when we went to Nanny Sample & Auntie Bebe's house for Christmas...

mumzy said...

What a month of anniversaries. Hopefully, you will not have another passing this month. My own grandfather passed away on December 8th, 1952. I was in high school then but him being my favorite grandparent really affected me.

Hope you will be able to still lose weight during the festivities. I need to take your example.

Have a great weekend!

Alli said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I really don't like when my birthday is tied in with all of these deaths in the family. They are all missed.

Alli said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I really don't like when my birthday is tied in with all these deaths. They are all missed this Christmas season