Differing PoV

I routinely try and catch some daily news from both Calgary and Vancouver and weekly updates from the Maritimes.  Should I be surprised that the lead story on last night's 6 o'clock Calgary news was a dispute involving some members and their spouses of the Edmonton Oilers?  That wasn't even mentioned on my local newscast.  If you missed it...CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  When you think about how often these folks travel and deal with the public...why did this even happen? Although this isn't the PR fiasco of a certain golfer's fall from grace...it is damaging never the less. Come on guys...own up to your bill, pay up and offer a fitting gratuity! Make this right.

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Lori E said...

I did hear about that here in Vancouver. Shame on them. If they can't afford it, and we know they can, then they shouldn't have drank so much.