Lots of celebrating to do this month!

Happy Anniversary to Leo & Leona, celebrating today...not sure how many years of wedded bliss, perhaps someone can check that out for me.

Happy Birthday to

Jacqueline C - Jan 1  
Cheryl - Jan 2
Noella  D - Jan 3
Moi - Jan 4
Heather Lee - Jan 5
Candice - Jan 5
Les's FIL - Jan 9
Lynn M - Jan 10
Adelard - Jan 10
Michelle Lee P - Jan 12
Andrea T-S -Jan 18
Debbie S P-  Jan 23
Jennifer T-S - Jan 24
Angie H - Jan 26

Birthdays of those special people passed
Josephine - Jan 23
Mom - Jan 28

Wow, that could be a lot of cake...thank goodness I won't be sharing Heather's this year!  Anne...you could possibly have 2 slices this month before your own next month! Enjoy!


Anne said...

I am trying to stay away from cake, or any kind of desserts but it is really hard to do when I still have some of mom's fruitcake.
And of course Derek just had to make Coffee with Irish Cream topped with whipped cream. I better get back on that treadmill soon.

mumzy said...

Lots of birthdays to celebrate. Thank goodness we are going to be away for three months and won't be doing celebrations of our own relatives. Christmas did take a toll on the weight this year so am trying to be good for a while.

Enjoy yours!