I was ready to be grossed out

Last night's speaker at the garden club brought the world of vermiculture to light.  I knew absolutely nothing before hand and now I know a tidbit of knowledge....isn't that a dangerous thing?  I expected a strong fishing bait kind of smell but there was nothing.  In fact the worms themselves like to be in the dark and when the lid of the bin was lifted off, they buried themselves deeper into the organic soil, bedding and food.  Red wrigglers will eat heir body weight in food!  This would address the issue of what to do about our compostables through the winter after the bin is filled and frozen.  Now to work out where to put it so they will be out of bright light, handy to the kitchen where we wouldn't forget them but not in the way.

As an added treat Ann brought in several hundred baby petunias from seeds she collected last year.  I was busy doing membership work, so Joe and his 'sausage' fingers joined the others and potted up 12 assorted coloured babies.  Keep in mind these have only their sprouting leaves and are super small and delicate.  I'm sure they will all grow up big & strong! Ann said she had better luck with her own seed vs the commercially available ones.  Good tip, I'll have to be a bit more diligent about collecting them this season.  Ann even collects them by colour!  

It should be a great weekend...Joe is off, it's Lesley's birthday so we'll be calling to sing to her bright and early tomorrow morning and later in the afternoon Lucie is coming up for a visit.  It's been ages since we had a chance to have a gab and a glass!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend...come on spring!   

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