+1 day = brighter outlook

Yes, we got a fresh blanket of fluffy white snow this morning!  It's amazing how just that simple act from Mother Nature changes the view.  Gone are the tips of the tulips peaking through the soil but also gone are those infamous doggy patches on the lawn!

Joe's stew took first place.  I wonder if the biscuits put him over the top.  There was a close contender who made a flaky top crust like a pot pie.  Both of those comfort foods would be great on a day should as it is!

OT-Betty Boop has progressed some, but now we need to step back and play around with the layout and possibly revamp the design to reflect the person and the fabrics.After 3 days of stitching...which is a lot for a newbie....we are taking a break today and will revisit it tomorrow with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. Until next time...


Anne said...

Happy to hear that Joe won first place, but, I kind of thought he would. You will have to post pics of the quilt once it has been completed.
Thank you for keeping the snow all to yourself. You can send rain if you wish. We really need lots and lots of rain. We already have a ban of outdoor fires because it is so dry and there has already been too many brush fires getting out of control.

Lesley said...

I never had any doubt that he'd be anything other than FIRST PLACE!