New arrivals in our future

What a beautiful start to day light savings time.  First I get word that Melanie & Jimmy are soon to be parents - labour has begun!  Can't wait for more news on the baby front.

As I was washing my breakfast dishes I noticed bird activity at not one but BOTH birdhouses!  ABout a month ago I noticed some chickadees checking out the house that JT supervised the building off last year.  This morning I seen a cute chickadee couple popping in and out of Alex's camouflaged birdhouse.  How exciting.  Now to figure a way to keep both the birds around the yard and Romy happy.

Romy was a cellar dweller for much of her past life.  Now you can't find a sun beam that she hasn't taken over.  Joe has sat on the loveseat because he didn't want to disturb Her Highness as she got her beauty sleep in his chair!  Most afternoons she takes her nap outside of the front porch, laying up against the warm stucco. Shhh...don't wake her! 

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Meari said...

Congrats on the new arrival!

If I were a cat, I'd be taking advantage of the warm sun, too :)