Bye bye summer temperatures


We are finally getting some much needed moisture.  The lawns and trees are starting to green up and hopefully the wildfires are all out or under control.  Personally I wouldn't mind a week of gentle steady rain. It would  give me time to get my house back in order...who wants to clean outside when you can play in the sun outside?!

Yesterday we picked up the part to repair our storm door sliding window.  One of the side clips that holds the window at the various heights snapped off after 11 years.  The nerve!  Now to figure out how to dismantle the window frame enough to install the new piece.  The funny thing...just down from the parts store is a glass replacement store....just in case!

Joe got some tattoo work done on his arm...just the outline...the apprentice has a nice price point but, he's not the fastest artist.  The owner is very particular about things and had the design re-drawn completely.  It'll be very nice once everything is done and the old ones re-inked.  

Yesterday we renewed our firepit to wait until the Fire Dept re-inspects it.  We actually replaced the old fireplace until with a tumbled stone firepit, similar to this one.  Hopefully we did a good enough job to get a passing grade.   That was a lot of work, especially stacking the interlocking blocks.  There are 3 types and sorting through that was a challenge.  Then to get the last block for each round without scraping the skin off your hands was tricky.  I pulled the blocks out a bit to make room and then had Joe go around the whole thing a few times with the rubber mallet tightening up and blocks.  Seemed to work well...we'll see what the FD says some Wednesday when they do their inspections.

For fun, Joe & I got the tennis racquets out and hit the courts. Yes courts...we used all 3 of nets and yes we are that BAD!  At one time...racquets were a natural extension of our arms while we are hitting balls for Cody to chase they feel heavy & awkward.  So...we need lots of practice!

Wishing you a marvelous weekend...we are entertaining Jeff who will be in town for the annual trade show.  There are lots of weird things associated with this weekend in the past...from having to drive back for forgotten things to having to re-set a major craft store department to really bad lunch selections...I wonder what is it store for Jeff this year?  Hopefully it's just smooth sailing all the way!

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