Feeling the effects of Iceland's volcanic eruption

Seems that one of Joe's workers may be stranded in Germany a little longer because of the volcano eruption.  That's the good & bad news.  Good for Gord, he can visit family & friends a little longer...bad for Joe who has to get the schedule re-worked!  Oh well...this may mean some OT which will go a long way towards the next tattoo. Now the real question...how did Joe coordinate this event so he could get extra $$$ around tattoo time?

The lack of moisture from this past winter has enabled us to get some outdoor projects started.  Our firepit was up for re-inspection & certification.  We are doing a total overhaul.  I dug out the sod for the area and hopefully today I can figure out the puzzle of all those interlocking blocks.  Apparently there are 3 different bricks but I can only see 2.  Stayed tuned for any newsworthy updates!

I'm gradually moving my seedlings out into the greenhouse. Last night was the trial for a tray of tomato plantlets.  They aren't very far along so if they all died, I wasn't out much.  I had zero luck with my first variety preference -Healthy Kick- and so I restarted 3 weeks ago with my old stand by- Early Girl.  They look very comfy this morning!  I should stay with what I know. :)

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mumzy said...

It is amazing on how many people have been affected by the volcanic eruption.

I would have thought it was a bit early to start all those plants but we are about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of the regular Spring time.