Half & Half

Thanks for the feedback on paint or no paint.  I have been researching this for more years than I care to admit to!

I found a wonderfully informative tutorial HERE and this is the almost finished project...vents need to be reinstalled.  The before was a dark brown which I would have loved to be graced with.
Another great example is HERE Ashley's fireplace is closer to the colour of ours.  This is her before shot...check out her after...a great result. Isn't that a great piece of art?  Love it!

And now to add to the debate...here is a shot of the top part of our fireplace.  The wall on the left is the yellow gold we presently have on the walls.  I love this colour, it's very easy to live with BUT the brick really looks orange.  The right wall has 1 coat of the beige I have on the main floor of our home.  The orange appears to be toned down, but not by much.

I think I just talked myself into painting a brick fireplace...now to actually follow through with this mental conversation! Sigh....

Keep your thoughts & comments coming...this has been and continues to be a difficult decision to make because you can't take that paint back. Thanks so much

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