May Yea!

I must say that April was pretty good garden wise, even though I lost a few of my tomato plants when the temperature in the greenhouse dipped below zero.  But...I have a batch of new tomatoes coming along nicely.

The rain last week was a welcome sight.  The trees are greening up and we have signs of budding on everything in the yard except my Coppertina Ninebark. I love the colour of this beauty but so far...nothing looks alive.  I'll give it some more time in case it's just sound asleep.

Our 'Christmas' tree out back has grown faster than I had about 2 years!  The roots are now well into the veggie garden bed so...we'll be moving the veggies.  I'll grass in the area and have a secluded place for  quiet reflection.  So the work is there...I just have to do it.

The fireplace project is officially on hold.  I will be painting/staining the brick but now right now.  Outside is calling my name so loudly I can't remember when I vacuumed and dusted inside! And don't even try to look out the windows...ugly!  But they haven't finished the street sweeping so any window washing would be temporary at best.

The hot tub is not up & running yet...we had a mishap over the winter and a possible structural crack...not good.  The crack has been repaired now to wait for it to cure and then the real test.  Water and people may prove to be the undoing but we'll cross that bridge when and if it happens.

Happy Birthday to those celebrating - you look marvelous!

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mumzy said...

Sounds like you are a busy lady. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished yard work. Have a great weekend.