Sock puppets

Jonathan & I played sock puppets for a bit and that got Joe thinking last night when I had him put on a pair of tube socks on his hands.  He wanted button eyes sewn on!  

Being the manual kind of labour guy now, Joe's hands are rough, calloused and getting chewed up.  We were just watching the tube so I had him lather up his hands with Bag Balm, slip a hand into a plastic bag and then a sock so the balm could cook into his hands.  He did look silly in an endearing kind of way and his hands are 100% smoother today.

We learned this technique from Lesley who did this on Joe's feet one visit.  So I guess the foot treatment will be the next night we are relaxing at home.

You gotta love being on the receiving end of some TLC! In the meantime, I'll find some cute button eyes!

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mumzy said...

Hi Berta: We are back from Florida and glad to see you are still blogging. Yes, TLC for hands and feet does work. This was recommended to my DH by his doctor as DH's fingers tend to split in the cold weather. Not a problem this year though. Have a great week.