Spring must be here

Yesterday was a fabulous day on so many levels.  A walk around the  back yard revealed some green sprouts on my peonies, bleeding heart and Morden Blush rose.  The lilac buds continue to swell with potential and the lawn has a bit a green coming through.
Cody our 16+ year old English Springer looks like a puppy after her date with the groomer. Here she waits on the front porch for Joe to arrive home from work.

We had a great talk on composting as well as herbicides/insecticides at our monthly garden club gathering.  Joe won a door prize...a lovely black iron shepherd's hook that attaches to a railing.  Oh can't wait to audition out potential locations for that baby!
As we relaxed to watch the latest episode of Survivor, Romy decided to try and reclaim her chair.  Joe was sitting in her chair so she just did what she would do if she was the sole occupant.
When it became obvious that Joe was NOT going to move she simply sprawled across his lap and went to sleep! Looks like she has acclimatised 100% and is now a full fledged member of Lil Salmon House!

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Shady Gardener said...

Your photo of your dog really brought back memories. We once had a Springer Spaniel - he looked Very Much like your dog. We brought him home as a 6-week old puppy, a year before our first child (daughter) was born. He was a great dog! :-)

Thank you for recently visiting me. What is the quilt you are working on?