Time flying by...June already

We enjoyed lots of company last month and Joe seen a change in career.  After a year + out of the remote services industry he got the email that started the ball rolling. He is back into it, lots of new challenges and loving almost every minute of it.  In true Joe style, he's bringing the best of the best along with him...or so it seems.  Seems word has gotten out about Joe's return and those who aren't' 100% happy where they are are jockeying for a position on Joe's team!

I'm flying solo at home with Cody & Romy supervising.  Although on the snowy days of May, I was out in the yard or greenhouse by myself while they slept cured in tight balls inside with the furnace running.  What a crazy spring we are having...plants out, plants in, plants in the ground covered as best as we/I can.   I lost some coleus - I was so looking forward to their bright colours - now to try and find suitable replacements.

The roses I planted out front are doing okay...touch wood.  No top growth which is encouraging me to thin they are settling their roots in for an extended stay. They are all hardy choices and I planted as per
Mr. G.W. Shewchuk's instructions and he's the expert in this crazy climate of ours.

I am re-seeding the doggy spots of our back lawn...hopefully the blast of cold has past and it will germinate this time.  Looking at some yards without dogs, I may have some winter mold kill off as well. Dandelions continue to be an issue from other areas where weed control isn't top priority.  And clover seems to be popping up...something else for me to dig up in my spare time outside. 

Well my dear family & friends, the sun is shining and I have to get out there and enjoy the day before the forecasted rain arrives this afternoon.

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