Glad it's not us!

I was some what surprised to read about The TFSA Mess I can see how some people got caught off guard...if I needed to access my funds, I too would have been one of those 2% receiving attention from CRA!

However we are probably going to be caught up by the upward bouncing new electricity rates.  This all came into being July 1.  Funny how the rates in the middle of winter Feb 2010 sat @ 6.26 ¢ / kWh but now early summer they are 8.71 ¢ / kWh.  I'm not looking forward to bills to come. Again we have to decide whether to lock in or not.

DIDYAKNOW how to make a ¢ sign?  I had to do a little research - I hope I remember it for the future because in these uncertain times, pennies DO count.  So to make your own ¢ sign, hold down Alt and enter 0162 and release Alt...there you have it!

Wishing all our American friends a very Happy July 4th!

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