Garden Highlights

This is the first bud starting to open on my newest rose...the photo doesn't do it justice, it simply glows in the morning shade!

This dahlia is very striking against the brickwork.  It isn't exactly dinner plate size (as advertised) but pretty none the less.

These are Mariposa Peach Pansies that I grew from seed.  I find their soft colourations are growing on me.  I also have a pot of the bright pansies blooming like crazy...these are from our BC trip in April.

We head out for vacation next week...I'm sure there will be lots of photos to post later this month. Be good!


mumzy said...

What beautiful flowers. The light coloured pansies are new to me, but still very pretty.

Meari said...

beautiful flowers!

Jenn said...

Love that dahlia!