Still waiting

Can this be true? YUP!
I had a marvelous time on our recent vacation in Mexico. My real first time out of country unless you can count a 4 day stint in Las Wages in the mid 1990's!  So I have a stamp in my passport!  Yippeee!

I stepped out of my comfort zone in a huge way.  We went to the adventure theme park XPLOR You have to check it out, it's amazing.  Lesley took the camera and got some good shots but the really exciting ones were taken by remote cameras set up along the way and unfortunately despite numerous emails in English and Spanish, we have not yet received the link to purchase our photos. But I haven't given up totally, I'm sure they are just swamped.

Here are 2 You Tube videos I found that closely resemble our experience.You Tube 1 and You Tube 2
FYI - I am terrified of heights!  But I did 7 of the 14 zips.  I found the landings quite a bit harder on my back than it looked from the ground.  But I did the first set including 2 water landings...did you know I don't swim either?  Joe was nice enough to sit out of the second set while the grandkids almost ran up the stairs with their parents close behind them.

I also enjoyed the subterranean swim...everyone wears a PFD...I just bobbed along doggy paddling the whole way!

Now that I've put this into words, I'm really anxious to get some's wishing for a email very soon!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you get the photos soon! Am really looking forward to seeing them! I do know your terrified of heights, and am proud of you for doing it! And the swim as well! WOW!! You sure did go out of your 'comfort zone'! Very proud of you 'Berta!! Now...where will you go next?? My favorite saying...ROAD TRIP!!(don't always mean by car!) Enjoy!

Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

hey mom...the link doesnt work...its not spelled right...FYI...H

Alberta said...

Thanks H! I guess when I copied & pasted I missed a letter! Sure hope our photos surface otherwise I may have to do it again!!!!

Meari said...

Glad you had a great time!