August is moving much too fast!

It's the 10th already and it seems just yesterday we got back from our Mexican vacation!  Maybe because Lesley just posted more photos!

I picked up Thing 1 and Thing 2 this past weekend for their vacation from Mom & Dad.  This is always a fun time, lots of laughter, late nights and yummy snacks.  The first night I think I was the first to fall asleep shortly  after 11 pm!

Last night we had a wicked thunderstorm, so JT & I watched some of the lightening snap across the sky discussing why God was upset.  Alex was more relaxed, watching an episode of SpongeBob. Thank goodness the power stayed on...I so hate having to go around re-setting clocks.  I always forget one, usually the one in the vcr...yes....our technology is THAT old! I discover that one when I'm running late and want to record a show asap...and end up missing the first couple of minutes.

Joe should be home tonight.  He thought he would arrive last night but his relief was still on the way back from a Cuban vacation.  The boys both have their fishing rods and are anxious to hit the water.  That was the only thing missing this summer...JT & his catch of the day.  We'll have to fix that tomorrow.

Well I hear the pitter patter of growing day has begun and it's going to be so much fun!

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mumzy said...

Hope JT ended up with a catch of the day. Love the picture of the flower -it is beautiful.