Wow...that was an overly long gap in blogging!

I could give you a reason but "Hey let's face it, it would just be an excuse!" So, without further ado ...
The boys enjoying some tub time on their summer visit.
I think he misses Romy...but it's best that Romy live with us.

Roasting doesn't get any better than this!
We hit the dollar store just as they were unpacking Halloween costumes...they both picked out very manly toys!

They played many hours with these after we got a few posed shots of how tough they look!

Our fishing trip was cut short by a thunderstorm that approached fast & furious.  No fish but we did head into town for lunch out...a highlight of the boys visit.  We had discussed where to treat Papa for much of the drive north and they selected the restaurant.  Good choice fellas!

Overall the month of August was very nicely paced after a hectic but equally enjoyable July.  Joe & I built a new platform for a shed and we relocated.  We extended a flower bed over most of the area where the shed used to be.  I'll be transplanting my baby birch tree into the new bed along with Alex's evergreen tree he planted at school last year.  That has doubled in size and I'm quite looking forward to watching its development.

Late August we were pummeled by wicked rain and wind storms.  These winds swirled for want of a better word.  I thought my dahlias up against the brick of the house were protects, but NO!  The wind swept in and snacked them off at the base.  I picked all the blooms and had them in my pinwheel vases scattered throughout the house.  Likewise my lilies were all laying on the ground.  I found these 3 beauties almost untouched and looked fabulous against the burgundy.  I'm considering entering this shot in our local garden club photo contest.  What do you think?  A possible contender?

Apricot lilies in a pinwheel basket on my kitchen table.
September has started very cold...lots of frost warnings in our outreached areas.  The garden is looking barren.  I haven't nudged the furnace on yet but it started up one its own one night. So, I've been doing lots of indoor things.  Those I will post about another time.

Until next time!


mumzy said...

Definitely a contender. What a beautiful picture.

Sounds like you were like the rest of us this summer - really busy. We just had Earl Tropical Storm go through today. We are still having showers with fairly high winds right now, but the worst is gone by with no damage. I was just talking to Pumpkin and she was hit with the high winds but she is fine with no damage either.

mumzy said...
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