Hollywood - Day 2

There's quite a lot involved with getting tickets to TV show tapings.  First the email confirmation, print that out and yet you still have to call in the night before to re-confirm your attendance.  Well something went screwy with our Jeopardy tickets so we decided to blow Alex off.Sorry!

With a whole day to explore, we hit the freeways and went driving.  We drove the entire length of Sunset Blvd, toured Culver City, Burbank,Pasadena, San Bernadino and even ventured into Beverly Hills.  The freeways are massive, sometimes 8 lanes across and bot do you want to be paying attention.  We missed a couple of our exits because we weren't in the far left lane in time.  Not that we had a schedule, we just thought it would be nice to check certain areas out.  Also...their on ramps are short...think of the driveway into your neighbourhood 7-11!  Short and direct.  Some have traffic lights before you actually get on the freeway.  Red light stop. It goes green and only 1 car can go at a time.  Everyone has to stop and wait for their green light and then you better GO FAST!

We found a huge outlet mall and had an awesome time checking things out. Got some good bargains.

Later we decided to check what was up from our hotel.  It's quite a steep hill that turns into the on ramp to the freeway.  Well surprise surprise!  Joe's driving up, things are good until we see something strange that doesn't make sense.  We couldn't believe our eyes as we got closer.  There's heavy traffic in all lanes and we are in the right curb when we finally figured out the mystery sight.  Here was a huge African American, dressed in black, coming down the hill while  trying to control a shopping cart that is overflowing with huge black garbage bags filled to the brim.  He was waving at cars to get out of the way as he's trying to hang on to this runaway cart!  His guy had b*lls!  I also think he's done this before!  Only in Hollywood folks!

Remember Tom Hanks in the movie BIG? I'm so glad Joe didn't make a wish when we came across this at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum!

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mumzy said...

Traffic you encountered is not for me - guess I'm just a country girl at heart. Sounds like confusion to me. Can you imagine having that kind of traffic every day of your life!