I must have dreamt it!

or I'm losing my mind!  You decide, but please be kind!

Anyways back when I was switching from plastic in the microwave to glass I also started back with my vitamins.  I don't know why I don't take them in the summer but hey...I'll try to do better in 2011.

After a strong recommendation from a friend, I began taking cod liver oil.  Yuck, even the flavoured stuff leaves leaves that taste in your mouth.  I try and eat my breakfast right after my spoonful and that helps keep it down. As bad as it is the first time, second time is worse.

We got a great tip from Lesley & Aaron.  They found fruit chew flavoured ones at GNC
I'll start the chews as soon as this yummy bottle of goodness is done.  Joe has already begun his new regime.

Well I have to admit that I'm seeing lots of positive change.  My skin is more moist.  My biggest surprise, my joints aren't aching half as much.   I had to think about the last time I was stiff & sore.  I still have pain in my feet, but that's been ever since my gout diagnosis.  Even that is more manageable.  I guess my diet was just too fat free.  

Now if I could only figure out why I have this spare tire!  And folks, I'm working on that.  The good news, it hasn't gotten any bigger.

Until next time


Lesley said...

I was just there today and they have a vegatarian version that's citrus flavoured now too...for those days when you feel like a change. I like to jazz things up sometimes by eating the orange flintstones instead of the pink ones, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

For the life of I can't remember where they were, but I think I saw cod liver oil in the gel tab form this past summer while at a friends house, I would assume no taste ( or very little anyway ) and if I ever figure out where they were or sho it was that had them I'll let you know!