October is looking fine!

I am amazed by our lovely above normal temperatures we've been having the last 10 days or so.  What happened in the middle of September??? The furnace wanted to run, I dug out my flannel pj's and wool sox, even put the fleece sheets on the bed.  We got snow while I was away on vacation enjoying myself.  Was that the problem?  I wasn't here to keep an eye on Mother Nature?

Well all my mushy plants have been cleaned up.  I divided and transplanted a few of the lilies.  Joe helped me transplant my baby birch tree.  I got it at our garden club's  plant exchange @ 18 months ago.  It was a mere twig when I brought it home.  I planted it in the flower bed so I could keep an eye on it.  I had visions of someone (me) stepping on it ,had it been in the lawn.  But now, there's no denying that this is a tree in the making.  It's about as big as my lilac bush which is ~ 10 years old!  I planted Thing 2's fir tree nearby so they each have company through the winter.

This time next week we shall be in Hollywood, trying to figure out their freeway system.  Yes Joe decided we are renting a car!!!  We have a huge fold out map just for the freeways...oh please don't let there be any construction.  I don't want to be late for an very important date. If I am, at least I'm in great company :)

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this coming weekend.  Travel safe and count your blessings.

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mumzy said...

Sounds like you are having the same kind of weather as we are having around here. Unusually warm and mostly sunny with an occasional heavy shower.

Have a wonderful Hollywood holiday and hope you aren't too confused with the freeway traffic. Have fun!