Things that make you go AHHHH!

Mr &  Mrs Mitch Hunter

Seeing Stars - surprise gift for my dear SIL Cheryl

Early 1980's brass lamp

Oil Rubbed Bronze coated

ORB close up...very nice!

Yesterday was a FABULOUS day.  We reached a high of 27'.  I got more plants divided and transplanted, some garden clean up done and the lawns mowed.  Today it is pouring rain!  What great timing Mother Nature has after everything I did yesterday.

Today I started my new regime of Liquid Arctic Fish help my eye health.  Lucky for me the label says it's orange flavour but I seem to have this pressing need to burp it up!  I had not so pleasant flashback to my childhood. Lining up in order of age...the oldest sibling got the clean spoon with cod liver oil...then the next...and lucky me...being #3 got the last spoonful.  YUCK!!!!!   My youngest sibling got the brand new kids vitamins...Flintstones! Sigh...sometimes you just can't win!  Today I used a clean spoon, then quickly had a small serving of yogurt with the dirty spoon!!!!


Lesley said...

Aaron just bought GNC brand Omega 3 orange chews and they taste good - not fishy at all. The kids and I eat them. Aaron eats the fishy stuff.

mumzy said...

I don't know what it is about fish oils but they seem to want to get back up on you. Oh yes, I do remember that childhood cod liver oil, yack! Not a pleasant experience.