Wow, another month speeding past, where does the time go?  Snow has finally arrived, such a shock after visiting Heather and seeing all the lush green there.  I had a very quick visit with my sister Sharon and her son Hike.  Krista wasn't up to the trip to the airport.  Our loss.  Krista we missed you! :)  I'll post pics in the next blog post.

Earlier this year I accepted a cross stitch challenge from a friend who happens to be a breast cancer survivor. The task was to create and donate an ornament to the 13th Annual Breast Cancer Benefit put on by Attic Needlework in Mesa AZ. Long story short...the piece I intended to donate ended up with a terrible visit from some frogs!  So I quickly whipped up another and sent it in.  You can check it out along with some others  HERE .  It's called Secret Visitor an Eleen Mauer-Stroh design, #198.  Such a worthy cause, breast cancer research.  Wouldn't it be nice to see this defeated in our lifetime?  BTW...I have a lovely start on next year's project as soon as I rid it of all the froggie evil spirits! LOL

Another thing of interest for me - my friend Kim had a trip to the US the same time we went south.  She however went to Utah as a winner in the HQ16 My Story contest.  There she had in-depth training and such with all the experts in long arm quilting.  Rumour has it she got lots of goodies to take  home too! One of the things they did was to make a Youtube video about their story and how they ended up owning a long arm.  Anyone who knows Kim, knows how passionate she is about all things important to her and it shows in her video HERE All things good happen to those who give so much.

Take care everyone!


mumzy said...

Love your project. As you probably are aware, Cathey and I are great supporters of this cause.

Meari said...

Your ornament turned out beautifully! Sorry to hear about the froggies with the last one. I've had bouts with them also.

Margaret said...

What a sweet ornament and for such a great cause.