Seems that times are a changing

This Sunday morning marks the beginning of daylight savings time so be sure to set your clocks BACK 1 hour and enjoy that extra hour to sleep in, relax, read a good book or whatever brings your pleasure.

Things are shifting and I'm not sure what they indicate. I'm hearing advertisements on the radio for funeral homes where as before i simply got unaddressed envelopes in the mailbox.

Cash advance establishments are pushing their services on the television. They make it sound like they are there to do you a courtesy where as they are simply in it to make money, lots of money, your money!
I wonder if maybe we haven't bottomed out in this recession or cool down period. Keep a tight grip on your money, especially with the seasonal shopping that is upon us all.


mumzy said...

We just mentioned today that next week, darkness will be one hour earlier at nights. So, I do enjoy the extra hour of sleep, too.

Alberta said...

I don't know why just this extra hour seems to make all the difference. Just the joy of an extra hour to do something you truly love.I'm going to try and sleep in and if not, I'll read.

Meari said...

The extra hour is nice, isn't it?

Cash Advance companies have been trying to get people's money for years and years. Most people don't realize how much they're really paying to borrow that money until next payday. Sad.