How exciting

I'm always in a good mood when I get new calenders and such!  Today I added Jan-June 2011 pages into my clean and fresh and unspoiled! It won't stay that way for long though!  New beginnings and new intentions.

I've already signed up for a book reading challenge, am doing it with my friend Margaret.I'm signed up for some free motion quilt classes.  Apparently I'm stuck in a box according to my quilting friends & associates! This isn't many times stamping with Lesley did she say..."just stamp random Mom, don't think about it!"  Yeah, right!

I'm continuing my research into the Johnston MacAulay family tree. I have 309 entries to date and my dear cousin David has sent me about 2200 from the McGregor Mills tree. I'm hoping to plow through my manual and get a draft version of my website done by the end of this week.  Tech savvy I am not, but I do try to challenge myself.  This is a huge challenge.

I have lots of fabric projects waiting to be addressed.  Once I get going, no one will see much of me.  Joseph so nicely gifted me with EQ7...the ultimate piece of quilt design software a person could ever dream of using, let alone owning.  Again...another manual to slowly work through.

And January means gardening books will be studied and seeds ordered.  Not sure what I'm going to try new this year but I do know I want to grow more petunias...they looked fabulous last year.  Any colour theme suggestions?  Last year my garden was more muted.  No red and I missed that. So there will definitely be red, perhaps red with white and called it Canadiana 2011. Just a thought.

Well I have loads of fun things to do and I just wanted to touch base once more before we close out the year. Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Manuela@TPOH said...

We're going out after dinner tonight to buy some new calendars. I always love having all those clean blank pages, although they don't stay that way for long!


mumzy said...

I love petunias and I'm like you I love the bright colours especially the reds.

Happy New Year to you and yours!