Nov - Dec Projects

I was busy in my creativity studio instead of blogging!  This first mosaic are left to right
table runners. With the exception of 2 table runners as gifts, everything went towards our local library's holiday craft fair. I made 9 of the table runners and I don't have a single one for me!  The centre pic shows coffee cozies.  You use these instead of the drag paper ones and your hands are protected from the extreme heat.  The bonus...they are washable, re-usable and you can instantly ID your cup of java on the table!  The last photo is a very clever wine coaster.  It's made of only 1 seam and you slip the base of your stemware into the folds and the coaster goes with you so if you tend to walk around to chat with others, you always have you coaster at hand and again, it ID's your glass.  I'd love to take the credit on this but I got it from a clever woman over HERE

Library Holiday Craft Fair offerings 2010

Then I got the rotary mat and cutter out, cleaned my sewing machine and got at these beauties.  Top left is called "Just Grapes" and went to JT.  Top right is "Chocolate Covered Berries" which I gave to Alex.  The bottom photos are of "Cozy Dreams' which I gave to Joe. 
December 2010 quilts

All are beautifully soft and warm flannel rag type quilts. The first two were quilted on my HQ16 (I"ll have to name sewing machine is Lily...any suggestions?)  "Cozy Dreams was done entirely on Lily.  The hardest part of this project was snipping all those fringes!  But you know the smarter not harder...well I found the c*dbury secret and it was easypeasy after that!

***Just a small side note...if you are working with this much flannel, be sure you know how to clean underneath the bobbin area.  There's lots of lint, but a pipe cleaner will do wonders. Never use canned air, it will only force the lint deeper into the machine.

Have I missed anything?  Lots of life passages.  I posted last year so you know the details with a few additions this year.

Take care this New Year if you are venturing out...I'll be wanting your feedback in January!


mumzy said...

Love the idea of the coffee cozy and the wine glass coaster.

Cutting the fringes on the ragtime quilts is much easier since I bought the scissors made for that particular job.

Alberta said...

I got that secret after consulting my smart sister in law!!!