2° of Separation

You have all heard that almost everyone is related to Kevin Bacon by 6° of separation, well I"m related to Village on a Diet by 2°.

Like so many in the early days of a new year, I want to do better for myself, so I tuned in.  My heart skipped a beat then proceeded to race along as I got to see more and more of Dr. Ali Zenter.

We have never met nor do I expect to make her acquaintance but I did get a very nice email from her after I initiated questions in regards to the last days of my dear brother Mark's life.  Dr Zenter was his attending physician.  I found myself watching her vs watching the show as a whole and I like her style and compassion she showed for the one woman after she learned her body age.  

It would appear that I have learned a lesson tonight for a reason I may not truly understand.

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