Can you tell?

That Joe is home????   Not much time to blog these past few days.

We headed south to visit and shop.  Love Crate & Barrel!  Ran across some friends we hadn't seen in quite a while and had a nice catch up chat in the mall food court.  Friday night was "Take No Prisoner" Scrabble! Poor Joe never had a chance but some of it was his own doing.  Saturday we dined @ Open Sesame...I knew I would be over doing it when I seen the size of the bowls.  You fill it up with your choice of veggies and they cook it up with your choice of protein and rice or noodle.  I didn't need to have a Ginger Creme Brulee but I did!  I won't be jumping on the scale for a few days...give things a chance to equalize.

Yesterday was a stressful drive home.  Counted 108 vehicles in the ditches.  The worse part was the black ice covered highway at Leduc. We couldn't pull into our driveway because we had a waist high drift the entire length. Joe got the snowblower out and I shovelled.  After an hour or so the car was in the driveway unpacked and we were drying out.

Today we'll be getting a new hot water tank...our insurance company flagged it for us...replace or we aren't covered.  You do what you have to do, open the wallet WIDE!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Tootsie said... are certinly not bored! It is snowing here again...I have a house filled with sick people including my self and no one wants to see more snow! we have almost 3 feet already...and are waiting on another bunch???? hello?????? I hate
I hope your new water tank works fabulously and goes in without any issue...happy weekend!

Tootsie said...

one of these days when it is not ugly driving...we need to get together for coffee!!!