Happy New Year - 2011 Day 1

I had some lovely phone calls from far and wide yesterday.  It seems that our family is in a 'good place' overall.  Like most we have things we'd like to do differently, me included.  These will reveal themselves slowly as the days go by.  I'm not one to make loud broad announcements...except to maybe have more time for my joys in life!

I have soooo many books on my bookshelf to read, I'm not sure which to start first. I'm excited about our upcoming gardening season.  I love the look of ornamental cabbage in the fall and this is the year I think I'm going to try some.  I have yet to get my genealogy site up and running. I have crafting projects galore to finish and more waiting in the wings.  I don't think a day goes by that I don't see something to get the gears turning in my mind.  

I'm looking forward to our April trip to southern Ontario to see family, this is long overdue.  I've friended lots of Joe's cousins on FB and have yet to meet them or re-meet them. Apparently some were at our wedding.  I mustn't have been paying attention!   Now to find a good seat sale. 

I've high hopes to cross off getting a headboard from my ancient 101 Thing list....I'm hoping to repaint our room and have something ready to install along with new curtains/drapes.  Curtains are short and drapes long, right?  I want long...and glamorous! lol  I guess the budget will decide.

So as you can see, this year will be more of last year!  Hope you are as excited about your 2011 as I am!

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