Jan 2, 2011

This Tuesday, January 4, the second show we seen taped with Dr Phil will air.  For a quick review follow the link HERE

Yesterday I had the feeling it was Sunday, not Saturday. I had dinner with friends and we got caught up from the holidays.  Jo received a beautiful set of sunflower dishes, square plates and super deep bowls and mugs.I brought over my current quilting project, a sunflower wall hanging and wow she was excited...it goes perfectly with her dishes and kitchen!  I think I may be making a second one!!!!

The down side, now I have the I Wants!  My everyday plates are BORINGGGG Corel.  But perhaps I can find something on sale this coming weekend when we pop into my new favorite store Crate & Barrel. Wish me luck!


Lesley said...

We actually used our wedding china at Christmas dinner. Hard to believe I know.

Meari said...

You and me both thought Saturday was Sunday! Once I figured out it was only Saturday, I was thrilled to know I had an extra day off. :)

Happy New Year!

Alberta said...

Thanks Meari for your comment...I was too quick with my fingers and deleted your thought Saturday was Sunday comment. I appreciate your stopping by.