That folks was my dismay when I visited a genealogy website to find out the domain license has expired!  DUH...Panic set in, then the realization of a humongous sense of loss.  

First I berated myself for not getting a much information into my own records as I could.  But then when you are researching something as expansive as your family history, does anyone know exactly where to begin and where to focus?  A wise cousin David...said to start with your aging relatives.  Get their story while you can, scan photos and newspaper clippings, grab it all.

David and Joanne have even put together a technical knapsack in which they carry all their research equipment when they travel. Laptop, portable scanner that is powered by the laptop, camera, GPS, digital voice recorder, paper and chalk, charcoal for rubbings, the list goes on. 

I'm hoping to put something similar together before our next trip to visit family.  In the meantime, I've tracked down the owner of the website and through the contact privacy folks have sent in my inquiry as to the fate of the website.  Now to sit and wait.  They may respond or they may just quietly square away this bill or it may be an opportunity lost. Sigh

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Meari said...

Oh, I am so sorry. :(