Quick update

We got plunged back into the deep freeze with a low of -36°C 2 mornings ago...or was it yesterday?  The cold seems to impact me on so many levels.  Today is much better -20° with even more promising temps later this week.  We may actually get the BBQ unburied and grill a few burgers.

Seems through a process of elimination that carbs are my enemy.  Cut them out and drop weight. Hmmm....is this my C*dbury secret?  Will have to wait and see.

I made a step towards breaking out of my box last night.  Braved the frigid temps to drive into town for a free motion quilting seminar. I must say it was reassuring to know that 7 others had issues with this as well and we all surprised ourselves under the ever watchful eye of Ingrid. We each seemed to find something that was easier to do than others.  I must say that leaves...which is quite funny considering my love of gardening...seem to be my biggest challenge.  Practice practice practice because in one week I'm back for the advanced seminar! Thank goodness there is someone else from last night who's going to give this a go!

Joe is one his way home again for a break.  We have some projects planned, so time will not drag on.  That's never our problem.  Well I must run and get a few more mundane things done before my lovely distraction arrives and my best intentions go out the window! Have a great week!


mumzy said...

We have some of that Cooold weather too, warming up just a little today in time for more snow coming. I will be glad to see the end of winter.

Have a great time with Joe while he is home.

Meari said...

Brrr, it's cold here too... with lots of snow!