Crazy Days

On all levels.

Snow came but it's finally starting to melt back, revealing the busy winter work of many field mice. Hopefully they dined on the grass and not my planting.

I finally got comfortable enough on EQ7 to design a baby quilt for the daughter of a young friend of ours.Hollie was expected in early Mat, she arrived safe and saound this past Thursday!  Guess what I'm doing this weekend? :)

Joe went back to work on Tuesday after his week home.  Wednesday he was informed his services are no longer know the routine, oil patch downturn, lost contracts, too many employees. So he came home packed to the gills, comforter, quilt, big screen tv, plant, guitar...  Thursday afternoon we received overnight guests, and had just a wonderful time catching up and playing with the kids.  They departed to visit more folks in the area Friday morning.  Joe went to visit a few friends in the business and I got the quilt going.  I  got a great surprise when Joe showed up home before 4 pm with a firm job offer.  He starts on Monday, closer to home for the next few months.  And it fits with our ON trip too.

Funny how things work out.  Never a dull moment here, and if there is, enjoy it, things are getting ready to happen!

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mumzy said...

Glad to hear Joe was able to get another job so soon. Sounds like you are one busy lady these days. Have fun making that quilt.