Catching up

In response to Meari's question about Mother of the Groom, the couple were going to elope but at the last minute put together a small intimate wedding with family within the area. We traveled the furthest, 3 hours, to join in the celebration.

I'm back at the sewing machine, working on a baby quilt for a young lady who decided to make her grand entrance a month early.  Looking forward to meeting her in person once the project is done.  

Our snow has been steadily melting for the past week.  We're happy to see it go, but every day we are seeing more and more damage from field mice.  I'm used the the chewed but lawn and cleaning up the scat but this time around there is extensive damage to all things bark covered.  The lilacs and apple tree all have bare rings at ground level.  Will have to study up on what if anything we can do to limit the damage and give these the best chance for survival.  I am not prepared to lose another tree.

We had house guests last week. Our nephew, his wife and 2 darling children were in town overnight.  What a lovely family.  Karen and I looked at genealogy and I'm hoping to enlist help with that family branch!!!

My seedlings are doing better with the stronger sunlight.  This just as the weather specialists warned us of impending snow over the next couple of days.  I wonder if Joe removing his snow tires has anything to do with this change...hmmm...

Here's hoping the sun is shining brightly in your life!

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mumzy said...

Glad that you too are losing your snow. We had a lovely day today but they are predicting a bit of snow tomorrow afternoon, sure hope they are wrong. Snow and ice can do a lot of damage to plants and lawns.