Excuse my germs!

I was totally caught off guard by whatever bug I picked up.  Recently learned that my sister was ill for about 3 weeks with the same thing.  Gee...I wonder if that visit my my nephew a few weeks ago was the source...hmmm.  Oh well...

Joe is back on the road and seems to be enjoying it although he's putting in huge hours and lots of kms again. Yesterday was supposed to be an easy day...left 7:30 am returned 1137 kms later @ 11:30pm.  Gone again until when ever :)  Thing should get better if and when the company/boss realizes that you shouldn't have 2 field supervisors on days off at the SAME TIME!  Yeesh, you learn that in Business 101, don't ya?

Do you collect reward points? We have been, but not religiously like some! ha ha  Until the other day we've gotten a few free oil or grocery products, and  flights for the family.  Well now we add this baby...


What incredible sound out of a small package, even with our cathedral ceilings. I'm still learning all the ins and outs and moving it about for optimum sound. With it upstairs between the bedrooms I hear just as clearly upstairs as I do in the kitchen, dining room and living room.  I like it there because I can walk about the click it on/off as I go by.  However I do like it in the living room so I can switch cds.  It's got a sleep feature and alarm...wake up to whatever radio station or cd track you program...life is wonderful when it sounds this clear!

These 2 cross stitched ornaments I made are headed south to Mesa, Arizona to Attic Needlework for their annual Silent Auction for Breast Cancer Research.  I hope they help raise oodles of money.  Why this project to support?  I have a blogging friend who in a 10 year survivor and we all know those dearly departed who didn't make it.  For myself, my sisters and daughters, I want to make a difference in finding a cure. If nothing else, do your monthly exams and get your mammograms done.

Thanks for listening...have a wonderful weekend!  It may be the last non "blanc" one here...local weather guru says that depending on the temperatures next Wednesday/Thursday..."blanc" may be falling!

Ta Ta!


mumzy said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your sound system.

Nice projects for the breast cancer auction. Always a good cause.

Meari said...

What a great sound system. I have Bose in my car. You're right... great sound!

Your ornaments turned out nice. Congrats on the finishes.