Crazy day tomorrow

We gather to finish the Legacy quilt top...and then discuss how we will have it quilted.  Local businesses will do it longarm but only an overall stipple design which isn't going to show the blocks off to their best advantage. I'm hoping that a certain someone...not me...will step up and tackle this head on.

Then I'm off to Les's annual Christmas card workshop...10 cards in about 2.5 hours.  As much as that sounds hectic, she has been buy cutting paper to size and assembling them into 'kits'...what a trooper she is!

Saturday will be back into quilting mode.  Someone who runs a successful day home wants a dozen little projects done before the end of the year. That should be super fun, especially with the fabrics pre-selected.

Then it's home again, maybe some more yard clean up, maybe nudge the furnace on and perhaps even kick the washer in hopes it will perform one more load for me!

Wishing you all a wonderful first weekend of October 2011...never to be go out there and enjoy!

ps - thanks to all who are still following me!


Meari said...

All of that sounds like a lot FUN!!

mumzy said...

Yes I am still following you even if I don't post a comment each time. I have been extremely busy but hope to be able to blog more often now that summer is over. Still looking forward to having a peak at the Legacy Quilt.