Jan 2 2012

and so the new year began!  We watched some comedy network stuff New Year's Eve, caught some of the fireworks from the comfort of our kitchen window...in our pj's no less!  Jan 1 started nice and easy.  Joe cooked a lovely ham dinner with creamy garlic smashed potatoes while I did some cleaning.  Afterwards we used our last 2 movie tickets and caught Sherlock Holmes!   It was on our short list and a couple nights prior we watched the first movie in preparation for the sequel.  So glad we did and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Lesley and her besties are starting a new weight loss challenge...teams of 2, 2 months beginning Jan 3, some money invested and the winning team splits the proceeds.  The money invested is motivation enough to give it your best shot as well as having a team mate, Les in my case.  

Dinner was a mish mash of cheese fondue and 'must goes' from the refrigerator!  This should make the challenge easier. after supper we watched the first half of the first Harry Potter...Joe gifted me the entire set on blue-ray for an early birthday gift.  I hadn't seen the last 2 movies (Pt 1 &2) and Joe hadn't seen past the 2nd.  I'm going to enjoy watching lil Harry grew up over the next week or so.  I think my series to view will be all the Batman ones seeing as there will be another new release this year. Then the big discussion will begin as to which actor was the definitive Batman.

 I hope that more of the family re-joins the blogging habit this year.  Perhaps we can get some new folks to sign up...especially who with young babies who are growing up so very quickly!

{{{Hugs}}} to all for a fantastic 2012!

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