Jan 3 2012

My day started rather early - 1am - darn hot flashes have returned in earnest. I keep water on my bedside table and if after a drink, and then a pee, I can't get back to sleep after listening to my MP3 for a half hour, I get out of bed.  After all Joe still needs to get his full sleep.

I trot downstairs, look out all the windows and sometimes check FB to see who's about.  I try not to watch tv, find it wakes me up too much and reading is out of the question, my eyes are kinda fuzzy.  After about an hour or so, I'm cold enuff to crawl back into bed.  And that my family & friends is enough to throw my entire day/week off! I feel off balance for the rest of the day.

Hopefully you have balance in your day.  Leave a quick Hello comment if you are reading this so I know if I have an audience of 1 or 2 or who knows how many!

BTW - I know many are doing the whole couponing bit to stretch their dollar.  I'm not as fanatic as some I know but then our household needs are quite a bit smaller than others.  Anyways I get Bargain Moose Canada daily emails. Jan 1 had a super special on and after much thought, chatting with the better half we decided to go for it.  Moments ago IT was delivered ...Woo Hoo!  Now when Joe works from home he can print whatever he needs without having to send it to the desktop, open it and then print!!!! No more song & dance :)  Ahhh...I feel feng shui returning.

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